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Demonstrate use of safety procedures for an early childhood environment.


Demonstration should include
  • local and state regulations regarding security procedures
  • evacuation plan (in parent handbook or packet)
  • emergency plan
  • “shelter in place” policy
  • procedures for ensuring secure dropoff and pickup
  • communication procedures with emergency personnel, other staff members, and parents.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are the security procedures of the early childhood education environment?
  • Who should have access to children in the childcare setting?
  • What information should be included in files related to releasing students to adults?
  • What are the procedures for each type of security issue (e.g., fire, bomb, tornado, and intruder)?
  • What cybersecurity measures are in place to protect parents, staff, and children's information?
  • How will security procedures be communicated to staff, students, and parents?
  • What sign-in or sign-out procedures need to be followed within the childcare setting?
  • What is the procedure for notifying staff and parents if their personal information has been hacked?
  • What is the expected outcome of performing or demonstrating security procedures in the early childhood setting?
  • What are the local, state, and federal guidelines regarding security in an early childhood environment?
  • How will data regarding the security procedures be reported or managed?
  • What steps can a school take to ensure the safety of personal information?

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Demonstrate security and emergency procedures.