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Prepare large quantities of fruits, vegetables, starches, and other foods.


Preparation should include 50 or more servings and

  • converting standard recipes accurately to produce large quantities
  • using various cooking methods (e.g., dry, moist, combination) and holding methods.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How does seasonality affect preparation techniques?
  • Why should starches and vegetables be balanced in menu offerings?
  • What preparation steps need to be communicated when preparing large quantities?
  • Why is communication with vendors essential for preparation of large quantities?
  • What is the role of time management in quantity food preparation of fruits and vegetables?
  • What are the procedures for proper stock rotation?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring proper storage of perishables and nonperishables?

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Culinary Arts


Professional Presentation


National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education


Demonstrate professional food preparation methods and techniques for all menu categories to produce a variety of food products that meet customer needs.


Apply principles of inventory management, labor cost and control techniques, production planning and control, sustainability, and facilities management to planning and front and back of the house operations.