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Identify factors that influence the use of convenience foods.


Identification should include factors such as time constraints, portion size, food cost, availability of skilled labor, storage, facility size.

Process/Skill Questions

  • When is it appropriate to use convenience foods?
  • What are the disadvantages of using convenience foods?
  • What are some sources for convenience foods?
  • Why is it necessary to read and follow directions for prepared foods?
  • How do convenience foods contribute to a menu?
  • What factors influence the decision to use certain convenience foods?
  • How do preparation time and temperature guidelines vary for convenience foods vs. freshly prepared foods?
  • Who determines the use of convenience foods?

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National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education


Analyze food, equipment, and supplies needed for menus production.


Apply principles of measurement, portion control, conversions, food cost analysis and control, menu terminology, and menu pricing to menu planning.


Apply principles of inventory management, labor cost and control techniques, production planning and control, sustainability, and facilities management to planning and front and back of the house operations.