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Produce classical cuts.


Production should include use of the appropriate knife (e.g., chef, paring, tourné, boning, slicer) for
  • julienne
  • batonnet
  • brunoise
  • large, medium, and small dice
  • tournée
  • chiffonade
  • concasse.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why are consistent knife cuts needed when cooking?
  • How does one determine the appropriate knife for a task?
  • What role does the chef play in ensuring that the proper cut is used in accordance with a standardized recipe?
  • How does one identify proper cuts?
  • How do active listening skills ensure accuracy in preparation?
  • Why is consistency in knife cuts among production staff vital to a standardized recipe?
  • What safety procedures are critical when using knives?
  • How do proper knife skills aid time management and food consistency?
  • How does the recipe determine the type of knife cut to be used?

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Culinary Arts


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Demonstrate professional skills in safe handling of knives, tools, and equipment.