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Demonstrate mise en place for catering.


Demonstration should include

  • organizing a workstation
  • maintaining a clean work area
  • adhering to safety and sanitation regulations
  • developing an equipment packing list
  • developing a product packing list
  • adhering to the production schedule and deadlines
  • cleaning and breaking down the workstation
  • making entries in the temperature log.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is the purpose of mise en place?
  • Why is workstation planning important?
  • Why are effective communication skills needed for all front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house staff?
  • What skills are needed to ensure effective communication flow up and down the management chain?
  • Why is teamwork necessary for mise en place?
  • How is leadership important to the overall success of the team?
  • What is the manager’s role in mise en place?
  • How can a manager aid problem solving and workflow?
  • How can a manager improve overall customer satisfaction?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will write in a variety of forms to include persuasive/argumentative reflective, interpretive, and analytic with an emphasis on persuasion/argumentation.
  1. Apply components of a recursive writing process for multiple purposes to create a focused, organized, and coherent piece of writing to address a specific audience and purpose.
  2. Produce arguments in writing that develop a thesis to demonstrate knowledgeable judgments, address counterclaims, and provide effective conclusions.
  3. Use a variety of rhetorical strategies to clarify and defend a position organizing claims, counterclaims, and evidence in a sustained and logical sequence.
  4. Blend multiple forms of writing including embedding a narrative to produce effective essays.
  5. Adapt evidence, vocabulary, voice, and tone to audience, purpose, and situation.
  6. Use words, phrases, clauses, and varied syntax to connect all parts of the argument creating cohesion from the information presented.
  7. Revise writing for clarity of content, depth of information, and technique of presentation.
  8. Write and revise to a standard acceptable both in the workplace and in postsecondary education.
  9. Write to clearly describe personal qualifications for potential occupational or educational opportunities.

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National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education


Demonstrate professional food preparation methods and techniques for all menu categories to produce a variety of food products that meet customer needs.


Apply principles of inventory management, labor cost and control techniques, production planning and control, sustainability, and facilities management to planning and front and back of the house operations.