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Prepare a variety of yeast-leavened doughs.


Preparation should include using
  • lean and/or enriched dough
  • various yeasts and starters (e.g., sourdough, biga)
  • artisan and/or traditional methods.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What role does temperature play in yeast dough production?
  • How does fermentation affect the texture of the dough?
  • What is the difference between proofing and fermentation?
  • What is the importance of following the bakery formulas for yeast-leavened products?
  • How can the importance of proper mise en place be communicated to employees?
  • How can proper procedures and techniques for yeasted products be communicated to employees?
  • Who determines which yeast-leavened products to make?
  • How does production of a yeast bread affect workflow?
  • How does production of sourdough affect workflow?
  • Who is responsible for purchasing yeasts and starters?
  • Why is proper storage and usage important for yeast-leavened products?
  • What factors should be considered when deciding what type of yeast dough to produce?

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