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Identify baking and pastry-preparation errors.


Identification should include
  • failing to account for geographical location (e.g., high altitude, sea level)
  • using incorrect cooking time and/or temperature (e.g., over/under baking, over/under proofing)
  • measuring incorrectly (e.g., confusing dry vs. liquid measures or weight vs. volume measures)
  • using stale ingredients
  • assessing the characteristics of the finished product incorrectly.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What baking and pastry-preparation errors are commonly made?
  • How can geographical location affect the outcome of the finished product? How does elevation above sea level affect baked goods?
  • How can cooking time and temperature affect the outcome of the finished product?
  • Why might use of stale ingredients cause failure of a baked product?
  • What factors might cause a cake or bread not to rise?
  • How does the freshness of the leavener affect the final product?
  • How can the importance of accuracy when preparing baked products be communicated?
  • How can the freshness of ingredients be ensured?
  • How can one learn the crucial steps to take to avoid errors?
  • How can one determine whether an ingredient is stale or not?
  • What should be done with an inferior product?
  • How can common baking and pastry preparation errors be avoided? What are the financial consequences of such errors?

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