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Demonstrate physical healthcare knowledge and skills needed by workers in family and human services occupations.


Demonstration should include
  • performing basic first-aid procedures (e.g., cardiopulmonary resuscitation [CPR])
  • measuring and recording vital signs
  • documenting signs and symptoms of common illnesses
  • making occupied and unoccupied beds
  • assisting with leisure activities
  • providing personal grooming services
  • providing emotional support.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are the consequences of not having a working knowledge of healthcare practices?
  • How can information be gathered from clients to ascertain abilities?
  • What are some of the methods through which information and training can be obtained?
  • How can human services professionals communicate with the families of clients?
  • How should the confidentiality of information gathered about a client be maintained?
  • How can a professional demonstrate knowledge to client and his/her family?
  • Where can one find training to become knowledgeable about health care?
  • What are the necessary certifications available to people in the family and human services field?

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