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Design a plan to modify the home to accommodate an individual with special needs.


Design should include
  • floor plan showing adaptive structural elements (e.g., addition of a ramp/elevator in place of stairs, widening of doorways, counter height modification)
  • placement of adaptive equipment (e.g., gates, hand railings, grab bars)
  • positioning of home furnishings
  • other specific modifications to accommodate client needs.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are common obstacles to modifying the home?
  • What are circumstances that would require modifications to a structure?
  • Why should a human services professional be able to assess necessary modifications and design a plan to address them?
  • How do clients communicate the need for modifications to the home?
  • How can a human services professional communicate information about planned modifications to a client’s home?
  • What government agencies should be notified prior to making modifications to the home?
  • What skills are needed to create a blueprint for modifications to a structure?
  • How does a human services professional determine what modifications are appropriate in a given situation?
  • How would a human services professional determine the appropriate adaptive equipment for clients?
  • What are some obstacles that may be faced by clients after modifications are made to the home?

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