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Demonstrate conflict-resolution skills appropriate to a specific situation.


Demonstration should include role-playing an interaction that
  • includes listening to and demonstrating understanding of various points of view in the conflict
  • uses body language that assists in calming a situation
  • uses language that helps resolve the conflict.
Demonstration should also include evaluation of the effectiveness of the conflict-resolution skills used.

Process/Skill Questions

  • In a situation involving conflict, why is it important for a health services professional to listen to and understand all points of view?
  • Why might body language be as important as words when trying to resolve a conflict?
  • What types of speech are most effective when trying to resolve a conflict?
  • How can a human services professional communicate to a client the need for compromise?
  • What leadership skills are needed by human services professionals to resolve conflicts?
  • In a conflict, when is it appropriate for a human services professional to solicit help from another professional?

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