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Match personal assets to specific careers in the field of family and human services.


Matching may include
  • the results of an interest assessment, such as the Virginia Education Wizard
  • the results of career counseling
  • a final summary or report.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What criteria should be used to evaluate the personal assets needed by workers in the field of family and human services?
  • How can personal assets be matched to specific careers?
  • How does researching interests, skills, and values help a student identify a suitable career?
  • What communication skills are essential in relating to clients, the community, and to colleagues?
  • Why is confidentiality of information vitally important in the field of family and human services?
  • How can continuous evaluation and improvement of personal interests, abilities, and skills lead to career success?
  • What skills are needed for employment?
  • What personal factors affect career goals and choices in the field of family and human services?
  • What training and resources are required to obtain skills necessary for a job in family and human services?

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