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Describe food security and access (e.g., local, state, national, international).

Related Standards of Learning

History and Social Science


The student will apply social science skills to understand the role of government in the Virginia and United States economies by

  1. describing the provision of government goods and services that are not readily produced by the market;
  2. describing government’s establishment and maintenance of the rules and institutions in which markets operate, including the establishment and enforcement of property rights, contracts, consumer rights, labor-management relations, environmental protection, and competition in the marketplace;
  3. investigating and describing the types and purposes of taxation that are used by local, state, and federal governments to pay for services provided by the government;
  4. analyzing how Congress can use fiscal policy to stabilize the economy;
  5. describing the effects of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy on price stability, employment, and the economy; and
  6. evaluating the trade-offs in government decisions.


The student will apply social science skills to evaluate the significance of natural, human, and capital resources by

  1. comparing the distribution of major natural resources throughout world regions;
  2. showing the influence of resources on patterns of economic activity and land use; and
  3. evaluating perspectives regarding the use of resources.

Other Related Standards

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Food Innovations


Professional Presentation


Public Policy Advocate


Sustainability Challenge


HOSA Competitive Events (High School)

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Emergency Preparedness Events


Public Health


National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education


Assess the influence of cultural, socioeconomic and psychological factors on food and nutrition and behavior.

The National Council for Agricultural Education: Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Content Standards

FPP.03.03. Create food distribution plans and procedures to ensure safe delivery of food products.