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Related HOSA Competitive Events

HOSA Competitive Events

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), the co-curricular student organization for Health and Medical Sciences, provides many opportunities for students to apply the knowledge, skills, and processes learned in a variety of courses. Correlations of HOSA activities and competitive events to the tasks/competencies in this course appear on the task/competency pages, and an unduplicated list of these activities and competitive events appears below.

For additional information about the student organization, see the national HOSA Web site at http://www.hosa.org/ and the Virginia HOSA Web site at http://www.vahosa.org/.

Health Science Events


Medical Spelling


Medical Terminology


Knowledge Test: Human Growth and Development


Knowledge Test: Pathophysiology


Knowledge Test: Medical Law and Ethics


Knowledge Test: Nutrition


Knowledge Test: Transcultural Health Care


Health Professions Events


Clinical Specialty


Leadership Events


Healthy Lifestyle


Medical Photography


Teamwork Events


Health Career Display


Community Awareness


Health Education






Health Care Issues Exam


Emergency Preparedness Events


Public Health