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Design an indoor and/or outdoor learning environment.


Design should include layout of an indoor and/or outdoor learning environment focused on a specific age group and considering safety regulations and developmentally appropriate, safe, and eco-friendly equipment based on budgetary constraints.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is the difference between an indoor vs. an outdoor learning environment?
  • What does the term eco-friendly mean?
  • What components are required in an indoor and an outdoor learning space?
  • How does the arrangement of the learning environment encourage or guide a child’s ability to learn and discover?
  • What resources could be used to create a learning environment?
  • What are different types of communication devices (e.g., internet, phone, emergency call buttons) used in various learning environments?
  • How does the layout implement program goals?
  • Why is it critical to consider the perspectives of others in designing a learning environment?
  • Why must planning take place prior to arranging space?
  • What consequences can result if a budget is not followed?

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