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Determine the characteristics and skills necessary to obtain and maintain successful employment in careers involving children.


Determination of characteristics and skills should include
  • flexibility
  • dependability
  • creativity
  • confidentiality
  • caring
  • nurturing behavior
  • patience
  • sense of humor
  • knowledge of child development, including social and emotional development
  • respect for diversity
  • social and emotional intelligence
  • child self-regulation
  • time management
  • healthy immune system
  • effective communication skills with children and adults.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What characteristics and skills help early childhood education professionals obtain, maintain, and advance in employment?
  • How do the Workplace Readiness Skills aid in maintaining successful employment?
  • What questions need to be answered to make a wise career decision?
  • What characteristics and skills help early childhood professionals relate to children and parents?
  • Why is confidentiality of information so important in the field of early childhood education?
  • What leadership skills are needed to demonstrate professionalism?
  • How do leadership skills affect career success or failure?
  • What training and resources are required for a career in early childhood education?
  • What criteria should be used to evaluate the characteristics and skills of early childhood education professionals?

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