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Analyze personal interests, abilities, skills, and dispositions.


Analysis should include identifying
  • the preference for working with people, things, and/or information
  • preferred work modes (i.e., conventional, social, enterprising, mechanical, investigative, or creative)
  • work values (e.g., security, personal integrity, recognition, adventure, economic reward, self-expression, helping others, relationships, leadership, or autonomy).

Process/Skill Questions

  • What do the terms personal interests, skills, abilities, and dispositions mean?
  • What personal factors should be considered when developing career goals?
  • What other factors affect career choices?
  • How can communication skills be evaluated as they relate to analyzing personal interests, abilities, and skills?
  • How would one communicate personal interests, abilities, and skills?
  • Why are communication skills important when developing career goals?
  • What is the role of work values in the development of career goals?
  • How can continuous evaluation and improvement of personal interests, abilities, and skills lead to career success?
  • What types of evaluation strategies would help to identify one's strengths and weaknesses within one's career?
  • How are career goals developed to reflect personal factors?
  • What consequences could result from not using the information obtained from the skills profile?

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