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List strategies for preventing identity theft.


List should include
  • keeping personal documents/information safe and private/secure
  • analyzing risks associated with online shopping/online credit card use
  • using identity theft companies/services (e.g., LifeLock).

Process/Skill Questions

  • How can you prevent identity theft?
  • Where can you keep personal documents and information so they are safe and secure?
  • What are risky behaviors that may invite identity theft?
  • Who should you contact if you are a victim of identity theft?
  • How can you communicate with financial institutions on the phone or online to prevent the sharing of personal information?
  • What are the risks associated with shopping online?
  • How can you minimize your risk of identity theft?
  • How can you teach your family about the risks associated with identity theft?
  • How can you assert your rights as a consumer/individual to help prevent identity theft?
  • How can you create a management system to keep personal documents secure?
  • How can you securely manage private passwords for online services?
  • Who should have access to your personal information?

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