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Identify the standards that guide behavior in interpersonal relationships.


Identification should include
  • bullying/harassment
  • opposing points of view
  • cultural norms
  • critical thinking
  • ethical criteria
  • situational guidelines.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How might interpersonal relationships influence bullying and harassment?
  • How might opposing points of view limit a person’s ability to relate to others?
  • How do cultural norms affect human need?
  • What is ethical criteria?
  • How do situational guidelines determine interpersonal relationships?
  • How does bullying and harassment take place?
  • How can opposing views be used constructively?
  • What do cultural norms have to do with human needs?
  • How are ethical criteria determined when establishing relationships?
  • How can situational guidelines be used appropriately?
  • How can leaders educate individuals on bullying and harassment?
  • What skills can be used when dealing with opposing views?
  • What leadership skills can be used to have a better understanding of cultural norms?
  • How can leadership establish ethical criteria?
  • What resources are available to establish situational guidelines?
  • What management strategies can be used to eliminate bullying and harassment?
  • What management skills can be used when dealing with opposing opinions?
  • What role does management have on establishing ethical criteria?
  • What management skills are needed to establish situational criteria?

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