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List support systems that provide services for parents and families.


List should include
  • community resources
  • social services resources
  • government resources
  • medical resources
  • familial resources
  • schools.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How can parents locate support systems that provide services for parents and families?
  • What types of support systems would parents and families need?
  • Why may families be reluctant to seek outside professional support?
  • How can support systems assist parents and families?
  • How can parents communicate their needs to a support system?
  • How can we use communication to evaluate support systems and identify the best resource for the parents/family needs?
  • What skills would parents need to work collaboratively with the support system?
  • How do parents know if the support system is effective?
  • How might this support system impact the family? The community?
  • Why is it important for parents and families to use support systems?
  • How do parents support developmental well-being with the support system?
  • What training and resources are available through the support system?

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