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Identify grocery shopping strategies.


Identification should include
  • making a prioritized list of items needed
  • planning meals in advance
  • selecting from availability of seasonal foods
  • reviewing advertisements, coupons, and specials
  • assessing cost-to-value for alternative brands and quantities
  • assessing cost-to-value for shopping at alternative merchants or stores.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why does it help to make a list before going shopping?
  • What are some nonessential items you regularly purchase at the grocery?
  • What factors contribute to your selection process when given the option of multiple brands for any particular product?
  • What can an item's packaging tell you about its contents?
  • How can communication with family members improve your shopping efficiency?
  • How do you prioritize items when shopping for others?
  • What are some shopping strategies that can help you save money?
  • Why is it important to encourage good nutrition in your family?
  • Which regularly purchased grocery items might you sacrifice to improve your nutrition and save money?
  • What percentage of your (or your family's) weekly budget should go toward grocery items?
  • How does eating a meal at your favorite restaurant compare with the cost of purchasing those same items in a grocery?
  • How can improved cooking skills improve the diversity of your menus/meals?

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