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Describe the purposes of an online presence.


Description should include the following purposes:
  • To describe what it means to have an online presence
  • To provide information about why keywords are important and how to choose the best keywords
  • To present information about the business
  • To gather and analyze data
  • To transact online sales
  • To build and manage relationships with customers and other businesses
  • To attract new and continuing customers
  • To provide services, such as interactive or customized services for customers
  • To recruit employees
  • To increase traffic

Process/Skill Questions

  • What does it mean to have an online presence?
  • Can a business have an online presence and not be active on the internet?
  • When developing a website, why is it important to first establish a site schematic?
  • When is it important that users have the ability to search within the site? Explain.
  • How does a business enhance its web presence to boost exposure, reputation, and to market itself online?
  • Why are keywords important?

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