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Identify options for professional development in the field of digital and social media marketing.


Identification should include options such as

  • education (both traditional and online)
  • training (both traditional and online)
  • work-based learning (e.g., job shadowing, mentorship)
  • co-curricular student organization activities (e.g., DECA)
  • certification
  • professional associations
  • vendor materials and training
  • professional/trade shows
  • professional publications.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What professional associations exist for digital marketers?
  • How can attending a conference and/or meetings of a professional organization help a person build a network?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional vs. online training?
  • Why is lifelong professional development essential for digital marketers?
  • What is the “Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing?” How can someone wanting to join this career field use this journal?
  • How can the American Marketing Association help with professional development?

Other Related Standards

National MBAResearch Standards-Business Administration

Participate in career planning to enhance job-success potential.


Utilize career-advancement activities to enhance professional development.