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Task #40: Explain the aesthetic value of trees.
Resource: University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. “Human Dimensions of Urban Forestry and Urban Greening.” http://www.naturewithin.info/.

Task #41: Explain the environmental benefits of trees.
Resource: Casey Trees and Davey Tree Expert Co. “National Tree Benefit Calculator.” http://www.treebenefits.com/calculator/.

Task #48: Identify native and nonnative woody species.
Resource: Virginia Tech Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation. “Ask Dr. Dendro.” http://dendro.cnre.vt.edu/dendrology/doctor/doctor.cfm.

Task #55: Evaluate a landscape plan that uses woody plants.
Resource: United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. “i-Tree Design.” https://www.itreetools.org/index.php.

Task #58
: Explain proper tree maintenance.
Resource: Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech, and Virginia State University. “24 Ways to Kill a Tree.” https://pubs.ext.vt.edu/430/430-210/430-210.html.