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Diagram the composition of the atmosphere.


Diagram should include
  • major gases present
  • layers of the atmosphere
  • variances in the layers depending on location on Earth, seasonal temperatures, and both combined.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What are the percentages of each gas, and does it change? If so, why and/or how?
  • How much of any one gas do humans take in with each breath?
  • What is the thickness of each layer in the atmosphere during the summer in the southern hemisphere, as opposed to the same layer during the same period in the northern hemisphere?
  • What factors affect the layers?
  • What are the effects of carbon sequestration on coral reefs?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will investigate and understand the differences between renewable and nonrenewable resources. Key concepts include
  1. fossil fuels, minerals, rocks, water, and vegetation;
  2. advantages and disadvantages of various energy sources;
  3. resources found in Virginia; and
  4. environmental costs and benefits.