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Design programs for each phase of training.


Design should include
  • stabilization
  • muscular endurance
  • hypertrophy
  • maximal strength
  • power.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How do the acute training variables differ with respect to each of the phases?
  • What is the relative percent intensity for a client beginning the stabilization phase, the strength endurance phase, and the hypertrophy phase?
  • What are specific exercises for each phase of the exercise program?
  • How can you modify specific exercises for progression or regression of the exercise program?

Other Related Standards

NASM-Certified Personal Trainer

Chapter 14 Integrated Program Design and the Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) Model

  • Define and describe the acute training variables within the Optimum Performance Training (OPT™) model.
  • Describe the phases within the OPT model.
  • Design programs for each phase of training.