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Explain the scope and limitations of the secondary school student aide (SA) when assessing injury/illness.


Explanation should emphasize that SAs must function under the direct supervision of a certified athletic trainer or other health professional; SAs do not diagnose, provide treatment, or render judgments independently.

It is imperative for the student to demonstrate the understanding that the role of the SA is not to practice the skills and competencies of a certified or licensed healthcare professional but to assist that professional in his or her daily duties.

See Secondary School Student Aides on NATA website.

Process/Skill Questions

  • Why is it important for SAs to work under the direct supervision of a certified athletic trainer or other professional?
  • Why aren't SAs able to diagnose, provide treatment, or render judgments independently?
  • What consequences may result when care is provided by unqualified individuals?
  • What is the role of an SA when traveling with a team?

Related Standards of Learning



The student will read, interpret, analyze, and evaluate a variety of nonfiction texts.
  1. Use critical thinking to generate and respond logically to literal, inferential, and evaluative questions about the text(s).
  2. Identify and synthesize resources to make decisions, complete tasks, and solve specific problems.
  3. Analyze multiple texts addressing the same topic to determine how authors reach similar or different conclusions.
  4. Recognize and analyze use of ambiguity, contradiction, paradox, irony, overstatement, and understatement in text.
  5. Analyze false premises claims, counterclaims, and other evidence in persuasive writing.

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