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Interpret a nutritional analysis.


Interpretation should include evaluation of caloric intake and expenditure and nutritional composition in comparison to national standards and reflective of individual goals.

Process/Skill Questions

  • How do you modify a person’s typical diet according to his/her goals? (e.g., healthy living vs. strength training vs. distance running)
  • In a nutritional analysis, what special considerations should be accounted for regarding an individual’s age and gender?

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NASM-Certified Personal Trainer

Chapter 17 Nutrition

  • Describe the macronutrients and their functions.
  • Describe how the macronutrient composition of an individual’s food intake can affect satiety, compliance, daily energy expenditure, and weight control.
  • Provide basic nutritional recommendations for optimizing health.
  • Answer questions, handle issues, and dispel myths regarding the relationship of macronutrients to the successful alteration of body composition.

Chapter 19 Lifestyle Modification and Behavioral Coaching

  • Describe the characteristics of a positive client experience.
  • Understand the stages of change model.
  • Describe characteristics of what effective communication skills are.
  • Describe the elements of effective SMART goal-setting techniques.