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Perform a nutritional analysis.


Performance should include the collection of nutritional data for an individual over a period of time, followed by an examination of their caloric intake and nutritional composition, reflective of their activity level, age, and gender.

Process/Skill Questions

  • What is the interrelationship among activity level, caloric intake, and caloric expenditure, in terms of achieving specific nutritional or weight management goals?
  • What percentage of an individual’s calories should come from each nutrient? What components must a nutritional analysis contain to help answer this question?

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NASM-Certified Personal Trainer

Chapter 17 Nutrition

  • Describe the macronutrients and their functions.
  • Describe how the macronutrient composition of an individual’s food intake can affect satiety, compliance, daily energy expenditure, and weight control.
  • Provide basic nutritional recommendations for optimizing health.
  • Answer questions, handle issues, and dispel myths regarding the relationship of macronutrients to the successful alteration of body composition.

Chapter 6 Fitness Assessment

  • Explain the components of and rationale for an integrated fitness assessment.
  • Understand how to administer a health history questionnaire and then from that be able to stratify a client’s overall risk for fitness assessment.
  • Understand the importance of posture, how it relates to movement observation, and how to assess it.
  • Understand how to perform a comprehensive health-related fitness assessment, obtain subjective and objective information about clients, and how to use the information collected to help design an exercise program.