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Business Individualized Program (Development) (6746/36 weeks) Course Description

Course Description

Course Code:6746
Duration:36 weeks
Suggested Grade Levels:7–12

This course serves students with special needs who desire and can benefit from Business and Information Technology studies. The course should be developed cooperatively between local Business and Information Technology teachers and other specialized education personnel based on individual needs of the students. The task/competency list contains a list of competencies that might be included in most of the students’ individual plans.

Based on the tasks selected for inclusion in the individualized program, the tasks contained in the Business Individualized Program (Development) framework will correlate with many of the FBLA competitive events. Refer to the FBLA website for details or to the task-by-task FBLA correlation.

NOTE: The class size shall be limited to an average of 10 students per instructor per class period with no class being more than 12 or up to an average of 12 students per class period with no class being more than 15 where an instructional aide is provided.

Note: Business Individualized Program (Development) may be offered as a complement to an existing concentration sequence in any Career Cluster. In some instances, where noted, it may be combined with specific courses to create concentration sequences.

Career Clusters and Pathways

The Career Cluster will be determined by other courses taken in conjunction with this course to build a concentration sequence.

Available Credentials

Upon completion of the course


Concentration Sequences

A combination of the course above and those below, equivalent to two 36-week courses. Students wishing to complete a specialization may take additional courses appropriate to their career pathways.

Check the course description for any course listed below, because some may have a prerequisite.