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Compute interest, commissions, and discounts.


Computation should include
  • using the simple interest formula (interest = principle x rate x time)
  • using multiplication for percentages in calculating commissions
  • using subtraction for a price reduction and multiplication for a percentage discount.

Related Standards of Learning



The student will solve
  1. multistep linear and quadratic equations in one variables algebraically;
  2. quadratic equations in one variables algebraically;
  3. literal equations for a specified variable;
  4. systems of two linear equations in two variables algebraically and graphically; and
  5. practical problems involving equations and systems of equations.

Other Related Standards

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NBEA Achievement Standards for Computation

Calculate bank discount and proceeds on a discounted note.


Calculate compound interest and the resulting compound amount at the maturity date for savings and investments.


Calculate gross earnings (e.g., salary, hourly rate, commission, per diem, tips, or production).