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Demonstrate job interview skills.


Demonstration should give students the opportunity to practice interviewing skills before an actual interview. Students should role-play to illustrate behaviors both desirable (e.g., maintaining eye contact, asking informed questions) and undesirable (e.g., speaking too softly, failing to answer questions completely) during an interview. Demonstration should include dressing appropriately for a job interview.

Other Related Standards

FBLA Competitive Events and Activities Areas

Business Skills and Knowledge


D. J. Howard/Walker/Shell/Campbell/VBEA Scholarship/S.L.T. Award of Excellence


Electronic Career Portfolio


Future Business Leader


Job Interview


L. Marguerite Crumley, Frank Manning Peele, Foundation's Sarah Lowe Thompson Scholarships


NBEA Achievement Standards for Career Development

Demonstrate appropriate interviewing techniques through participation in mock or actual interviews.


Explain the importance of appropriate interview follow-up techniques.


Identify steps to prepare for an interview.


List tasks to be completed following the interview.


Model behavior that contributes to a successful interview.