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Instructional Scenarios

Teamwork: Spring Forward, Don’t Fall Back

Duty/Concept Area(s)

Enhancing Communication Skills


You have been asked to be a part of the Events Committee at work. Your committee is responsible for planning the upcoming spring picnic for employees and their families who come from multicultural backgrounds. Your employer expects 80 percent employee attendance, with costs remaining between $1,000 and $1,500. Your committee leader, Sasha, informed you and other committee members that she has booked a park and Joe’s Barbecue Caterers for the third Saturday in March. Your committee has its first meeting the first week of March to plan the details. After the meeting, picnic details are emailed to employees and flyers are made and posted randomly around the building. All goes well, but only 50 percent of employees attend.

Big Question

How are leadership and teamwork important in a workplace environment?

Focused Questions

  1. What was the purpose of the event?
  2. How was the event successful? How was it unsuccessful?
  3. What part did having a multicultural workforce play in the low attendance at the event?
  4. What characteristics or traits make up an effective leader?
  5. What parts of teamwork were missing in the planning stage?
  6. What could the committee have done differently to meet their goals?
Project-Based Assessment

Independent, small group, or whole class discussion and/or journaling activity

Can You Keep A Secret?

Duty/Concept Area(s)

Preparing for Employment


Liz works for an accounting firm and is assigned to handle the tax returns for a large company. The client company sends Liz many documents in the mail, including receipts for deductible work expenses and copies of their employee pay slips. When she finishes the work, Liz closes the project and moves on to other new assignments in the firm. One day, Liz’s coworker visits her cubicle and asks for help in processing tax returns for his own client company. He asks to see Liz’s records and papers that contains all of the information on her client company.

Big Question

How should Liz handle the information and documents that she has about the company?

Focused Questions
  1. How should Liz determine how to handle the documents in her possession? What are the standards that Liz has to observe in handling these documents?
  2. What is and is not appropriate for Liz to discuss about her work with other people? Is there a difference between the level of detail she can share with people directly involved with the client, coworkers who are not directly involved, and individuals who have no involvement at all?
  3. How can Liz make sure that confidential information in handled appropriately?
  4. How could Liz help her coworker?