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Maintain workstation, equipment, materials, and supplies.


Maintenance should include
  • keeping work area orderly
  • practicing positioning of text for proper hand and eye coordination
  • adding paper to a printer
  • clearing paper jams
  • adding a cartridge to a printer
  • handling storage devices (e.g., USB).

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NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology

Adhere to privacy, safety and security policies and legislation (e.g., acceptable use policy, Web page policies, student photo policies, computer crime, fraud, abuse).


Discuss basic issues related to responsible use of technology and describe personal or legal consequences of inappropriate use.


Identify and select controls for personnel, facilities, data, communications systems, and applications appropriate to specific risks.


Identify risks to personnel, facilities, data, communications systems, and applications.


Implement controls to prevent loss of integrity of data and other information resources.