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Manipulate data/software/operating system, using icons, touch screens, ribbons, and drop-down menus.


Manipulating the data/software/operating system may be done in different ways, including by using the ribbon, toolbar, file menu, and/or touch screens. Students should demonstrate their knowledge and skill of all methods.

Other Related Standards

FBLA Competitive Events and Activities Areas

Business Skills and Knowledge


Computer Applications


Database Design & Applications


Spreadsheet Applications


Word Processing


Microsoft Imagine Academy Resources

[2.003] Microsoft Digital Literacy: First Course—Lesson 2

[4.010] Introduction to Microsoft Office 2010: Basic Windows Navigation—Lesson 1

[5.021] Intro Windows 7: Lesson 2—Exercise 1

NBEA Achievement Standards for Communication

Demonstrate basic keyboarding and computer functions.


NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology

Develop proper input techniques (e.g., keyboarding, 10-key touch pad, scanning, speech recognition, handtyping, digital inking, digital cameras, student response systems, and the use of a touch screen, mouse or stylus).


Select appropriate input technology to optimize performance.