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Sort data by using ResultSet with the ORDER BY clause.


Demonstration of the ORDER BY clause should include the following sorting or querying strategies performed on a given set of data:

  • Ascending—will cause the result set to be ordered from smallest to largest
  • Descending—is typically the default order, from largest to smallest
  • Multiple columns—will produce sorting among results of a particular type
  • Column alias—is an alternate name assigned to a column to prevent query conflicts

Note: ORDER BY is always the last clause, because it rearranges the final ResultSet after all selection criteria is executed.

Related Standards of Learning



The student will select and call library functions to process data, as appropriate.


The student will implement pre-defined algorithms, including sort routines, search routines, and simple animation routines.

Other Related Standards

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NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology

Sort, prioritize, and retrieve data from databases.