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Describe methods for displaying a table.


Description should include any of the following methods:
  • Displaying the structure of the table (not including ANY data) requires the use of the DESCRIBE command. The DESCRIBE command belongs to a set of commands executed not by the Oracle Database, but by the SQL*PLUS environment.
  • Use SQL Developer’s Object View to see table structure by connecting to a database and then selecting a table from the list.
  • Use Toad for Oracle to see an object’s structure by hovering your cursor over the object and pressing F4.
  • Use Application Express to display the definition of a table by selecting
    • object browser
    • browse table
    • table tab.

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The student will implement pre-defined algorithms, including sort routines, search routines, and simple animation routines.


The student will design and implement the output phase of a computer program, which will include designing output layout, accessing available output devices, using output statements, and labeling results.

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