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Map simple entities, attributes, and primary keys.


Mapping is completed by drawing a matrix with all entities along the top and sides. The intersection of each block in the table is checked to discover whether any relationship exists between those entities.

Related Standards of Learning



The student will investigate and analyze function (linear and quadratic) families and their characteristics both algebraically and graphically, including
  1. determining whether a relation is a function;
  2. domain and range;
  3. zeros of a function;
  4. x- and y-intercepts;
  5. finding the values of a function for elements in its domain; and
  6. making connections between and among multiple representations of functions including concrete, verbal, numeric, graphic, and algebraic.


The student will select and implement appropriate data structures, including arrays (one- and/or two-dimensional) and objects.

Other Related Standards

NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology

Identify and select logical and physical structures appropriate for specific applications.