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Distinguish between a conceptual and a physical database model.


Distinction should be based on understanding that conversion from the conceptual to the physical requires taking a blueprint (conceptual) and translating ideas, objectives, and terminology into a practical, usable database structure (physical).

A summary of this process that further analyzes the transition between conceptual and physical should include the following elements:

  • Conceptual: Strategize and analyze—conceive a plan by talking with database users and stakeholders or management.
  • Design—create a data model using paper or a modeling program, such as Oracle SQL Developer.
  • Physical: Build and document—build the database through writing the program (the physical) and demonstrating with modeling software. Make any necessary adjustments to the design for technology considerations, physical surroundings, or other processes that influence the implementation of the database.
  • Produce—once the program runs smoothly, go into full production and complete the conversion of the old to the new.

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The student will design and implement the input phase of a program, which will include designing screen layout, getting information into the program by way of user interaction and/or file input, and validating input.

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Develop design specifications for record types, output, and data stores.


Identify and select logical and physical structures appropriate for specific applications.