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Trade Secrets

Duty/Concept areas addressed:
Installing Network Operating System and Services
Performing Network Administration Functions
Introducing Basic Server Systems Concepts
Performing Network Management and Security Functions
Providing Basic User Training and Support

Note: This Cybersecurity Software Operations (CSO) scenario could be an ongoing project or culminating project.

A national ad agency has just set up a local office in your town. The agency has a small network that consists of three personal computers with Windows XP operating systems, a file server, two printers, and a main server. The network has been constructed and connected, but no user accounts or permissions have been initiated. The receptionist should be able to view the contact information of current clients, to enter contact information for new clients, and to enter appointments on a shared calendar. The account associate should have higher-level access in order to check the status of jobs and payment histories in the course of handling customer and vendor questions. The account manager should have access to all data available. Everyone in the office shares the two printers. The account manager would also like to have some sort of interoffice "chat" program so that associates can communicate without the distraction of phones or intercoms.

The account manager is concerned about network security, given that client files are kept online and the main server has a secure connection to the parent company. Data is confidential, personal, and sensitive. Therefore, any breach in security could damage the entire company's reputation.

Big Question: How will you set up the network with the various levels of access while protecting important confidential information?

Focused Questions:
  1. What are the various levels of access needed?
  2. How many user accounts will be needed?
  3. How should the printers be shared?
  4. What plan will you create to ensure that the ad agency's data is secure?
  5. What is the timeline attached to the implementation of the plan?
  6. What elements should be involved in the design of the backup plan?
Project-Based Assessment
  1. Construct a model or diagram for the office, including network design and access levels.
  2. Conduct research to find information about network security.
  3. Write a report on a network security breach.
Microsoft Tech Net

Next Step: Certification

Duty/Concept areas addressed:
Performing Legal and Ethical Functions
Preparing for Industry Certification
Developing Employability Skills

Note: This Cybersecurity Software Operations (CSO) scenario could be an ongoing project or culminating project.

You have just been hired as a network administrator-in-training for a small real estate company. You only work part-time, keeping the small office running, but the real estate agent has plans to double office space within the next 15 months and add three more assistants to help serve his growing client base. Currently you have four PCs, two network printers, and one server. You have already set up network access for each of the four current users and all equipment is working fine. Now, you must implement a new network design for all components.

One condition of your employment is that you obtain industry certification as a systems administrator within six months. In your spare time, you begin to research certifications in your field and try to decide which certification would most complement the role you want to fill.

Because your boss is always interested in new technology, you often have conversations about the latest and greatest technology tools. In a recent chat, you talked about the explosion of file sharing on peer-to-peer networks and the legal and ethical implications. Each month, your boss hosts a dinner meeting of area real estate brokers and he asks you to give an informal presentation on the certification you are pursuing and the security implications for file sharing, namely, unlicensed software on company computers, in the real estate industry.

Big Question: What information will your presentation contain?

Focused Questions:
  1. Which certification is most appropriate to the functions you will be performing as a network systems administrator?
  2. What is a peer-to-peer file sharing network?
  3. How could the peer-to-peer file sharing network affect businesses?
  4. What are the network security risks?
  5. Should company computers be protected from workers downloading unauthorized software? Why or why not?
  6. How will anyone know your employees are using unlicensed software?
  7. What would happen if the authorities discovered your employees are using unlicensed software?
  8. What key elements will go into your presentation outline?
Project-Based Assessment
Oral presentation and critique

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The Insurance Agent

Duty/Concept areas addressed:
Introducing Basic Server Systems Concepts
Introducing Network Design Essentials
Exploring Network Media
Networking Standards and Models
Installing Network Operating System and Services
Providing Basic User Training and Support

Note: This Cybersecurity Software Operations (CSO) scenario could be an ongoing project or culminating project.

Your best friend's father is an insurance agent. He just discovered that you are learning about computer networking. One day he calls you and invites you to stop by his new office. He tells you he would like your help setting up a network for his office. He would also like to learn enough about networking in the process to address problems that may arise.

Upon arriving at the office, you learn that the small building was constructed 15 years ago and does not have any network wiring. Your friend's dad has three personal computers with Windows XP operating systems, a network printer, an all-in-one copier/fax/printer, a file server, and a server that connects to each of the three computers and has a remote access connection to the agency's parent company.

Your friend's father employs an assistant and an office receptionist. Each has a separate office. There is also a small utility-type room that currently doubles as a break room and storage closet.

Not only will you be setting up the network, but you will also be setting up the three computers, the printer, and the server.

Big Question: How would you design a network for this insurance office and how will you teach the agent about the essentials of computer networking?

Focused Questions
  1. What is the first thing you would do in this situation?
  2. What would a sketch of the network design look like?
  3. What hardware and software might be needed?
  4. What are the essential networking concepts that you will teach your friend's father?
  5. What is your plan for installing and connecting the network?

Project-Based Assessment
  1. Sketch of the network
  2. PowerPoint explaining the terminology and the essentials of computer networking