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Identify the data object model for the program language.


Identification should include the following concepts:
  • The data object model is the data-binding model that exists between a programming language and multiple databases.
  • The data object model eliminates the need to write different code for various database platforms.
  • The data object model is different for various languages.
  • Programming languages correlated to their associated data object models include but are not limited to
    • Visual Basic .NET—ADO.NET
    • C#—ADO.Net
    • Java—JDBC
    • Flash ActionScript—AJAX
    • Open source languages—ODB, ODBC
    • Outdated—Dao.

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The student will design and apply computer programs to solve practical problems in mathematics arising from business and applications in mathematics.


The student will design, write, document, test, and debug, a computer program.

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