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Write code to manage a database.


Coding should include processes for
  • adding records
  • updating and editing records
  • saving records
  • deleting records
  • retrieving records based on primary keys
  • checking for redundancy.

Related Standards of Learning



The student will design and apply computer programs to solve practical problems in mathematics arising from business and applications in mathematics.


The student will design, write, document, test, and debug, a computer program.


The student will select and call library functions to process data, as appropriate.


The student will implement conditional statements that include “if/then” statements, “if/then/else” statements, case statements, and Boolean logic.


The student will implement pre-defined algorithms, including sort routines, search routines, and simple animation routines.


The student will implement various mechanisms for performing iteration with an algorithm


The student will select and implement appropriate data structures, including arrays (one- and/or two-dimensional) and objects.

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