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Identify relational database terminology.


Identification should include the following terms and their definitions:
  • Relational database: a database that stores information in one or more tables
  • Table: a group of related records, with each record in the table pertaining to the same topic and composed of the same fields
  • Record: a row or entry in the table
  • Field: a single item or column of information about something (e.g., name, address, or phone number)

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The student will design and apply computer programs to solve practical problems in mathematics arising from business and applications in mathematics.


The student will implement pre-defined algorithms, including sort routines, search routines, and simple animation routines.


The student will select and implement appropriate data structures, including arrays (one- and/or two-dimensional) and objects.


The student will define and use appropriate variable data types that include integer, real (fixed and scientific notation), character, string, Boolean and object.

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