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Describe object-oriented programming (OOP) and related concepts.


Description should include the following concepts:
  • Abstraction is a general model of a real-world system that includes the essence of that system.
  • Class is a formal definition of an object.
  • Encapsulation means that each class should contain all the aspects of its area of responsibility without revealing the details of how it does what it does.
  • Function is a specialized operation that returns information.
  • High cohesion (Single Responsibility Principle) is the concept that each class should do one thing and do it well.
  • Inheritance allows one class, called a subclass, to use methods and properties of another class, called a superclass.
  • Loose coupling is a relationship in which one module interacts with another module through a stable interface and does not need to be concerned with the other module's internal implementation.
  • Method is performance of operations on data stored in a class.
  • Object is an instance of a class—a programming element that includes data, properties (attributes), and methods (actions).
  • Object composition is a way to combine simple objects or data types into more complex ones.
  • Object-oriented programming is a means of designing software that allows programmers to solve real-world problems by creating objects that interact with other objects similarly to the way they would interact in the real world.
  • Polymorphism is the idea that a code element can transform into multiple forms or behave in multiple ways.
  • Property describes attributes of the object.

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