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Code a program to animate objects.


The program should cause movement of objects via one or more of the following techniques:
  • Striking the keyboard
  • Using timing control
  • Using array sequences
  • Creating methods

Related Standards of Learning



The student will design and implement the input phase of a program, which will include designing screen layout, getting information into the program by way of user interaction and/or file input, and validating input.


The student will design and implement computer graphics to enhance output.


The student will implement various mechanisms for performing iteration with an algorithm


The student will select and implement appropriate data structures, including arrays (one- and/or two-dimensional) and objects.

Other Related Standards

FBLA Competitive Events and Activities Areas

Computer Game & Simulation Programming


Computer Problem Solving


Desktop Application Programming


NBEA Achievement Standards for Information Technology

Code a program solution in more than one programming language.


Code common tasks (e.g., creating, adding, deleting, sorting, and updating records).