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Identify potential education and employment barriers for nontraditional groups and ways to overcome those barriers.


Identification should include
  • barriers such as unlawful discrimination in hiring or promoting with regard to the applicant’s or employee’s gender, ethnicity, age, or disability
  • ways to overcome the barriers, including scholarships, job-training programs, mentorships, internships, and minority assistance programs.

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NBEA Achievement Standards for Career Development

Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills for working with and for others.


Demonstrate personal qualities related to employability (e.g., promptness, ability to get along with others, dependability, willingness to ask questions, respect for diversity, and communication skills).


Describe different cultural behaviors and expectations.


Describe how physical, intellectual, and cultural diversity can strengthen workplace effectiveness.


Describe ways tasks and the workplace environment can be structured to accommodate the diverse needs of workers.


Discuss advantages and disadvantages of entering nontraditional occupations.


Discuss and demonstrate the skills necessary to function as a member of a diverse workforce (e.g., diplomacy, patience, willingness to compromise, and ability to listen).


Discuss social and economic factors that have resulted in changing career patterns for a diverse workforce.