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Describe basic employment activities.


Description should include
  • outlining the steps in the process of applying for a job
  • creating an interview follow-up letter
  • summarizing the procedure to follow for resigning from a position
  • participating in an exit interview
  • evaluating self-performance.

Other Related Standards

FBLA Competitive Events and Activities Areas

Electronic Career Portfolio


Job Interview


NBEA Achievement Standards for Career Development

Create a personal website for the presentation of the career portfolio.


Demonstrate appropriate interviewing techniques through participation in mock or actual interviews.


Demonstrate the ability to complete an online job application accurately.


Demonstrate the ability to describe personal skills to interviewers.


Demonstrate the ability to prepare and transmit electronic resumes and cover letters that meet business standards.


Describe electronic and telecommunication job search tools (e.g., Internet job banks; electronic resumes; and electronic, telephone, and videoconferencing interviews).


Describe strategies for negotiating conditions of employment.


Describe the criteria for evaluating job offers.


Discuss effective strategies for handling rejection.


Experience paid/unpaid work opportunities in one or more career clusters through various opportunities (e.g., job shadowing, mentoring, e-mentoring, internships, cooperative work experiences, and community service).


Explain the importance of appropriate interview follow-up techniques.


Explain the importance of personal appearance and grooming in the workplace.


Identify appropriate factors for evaluating job offers and deciding whether to accept or reject them.


Identify steps to prepare for an interview.


Identify techniques for negotiating monetary and benefit compensation.


Model behavior that contributes to a successful interview.


Prepare paper and electronic resumes and cover letters.


NBEA Achievement Standards for Communication

Participate in a variety of interview rehearsals, both as an interviewer and as an interviewee.


Role-play interview situations for simulated job opportunities.


Write a formal application message, resume, and follow-up message for a job opportunity.