# CTE Resource Center - Verso - Design, Multimedia, and Web Technologies Task 130107960

CTE Resource Center - Verso

Virginia’s CTE Resource Center

Test a website.


Testing should include
  • viewing through multiple browsers to ensure page elements display as intended (e.g., colors, fonts, animation, graphics)
  • reviewing pages for broken links and/or unlinked objects
  • viewing on various devices with Internet connectivity (e.g., mobile phone, tablet)
  • accessing web pages via connections of various speeds to ensure pages load quickly.

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Common Career Technical Core


Evaluate the functionality of a digital communication product using industry accepted techniques and metrics.

FBLA Competitive Events and Activities Areas

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Web Site Design

The topic for this event changes from year to year. The annual topic may or may not correlate with this particular course. Please refer to the current Virginia FBLA State Handbook.