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Related NBEA Achievement Standards for Computation

NBEA Achievement Standards for Computation

NBEA (National Business Education Association) standards have been correlated to ensure that students and adults are afforded equal access to fundamental business knowledge and skills and, therefore, an equal opportunity for success in life" (National Standards for Business Education, NBEA, 2007).

Calculate gross earnings (e.g., salary, hourly rate, commission, per diem, tips, or production).


Calculate inventory turnover at cost and at retail for a given period.


Calculate inventory valuation according to different plans including LIFO, FIFO, specific identification, and weighted average.


Calculate payroll withholdings, Social Security and Medicare deductions, other deductions, and net earnings.


Calculate the annual and accumulated depreciation or cost recovery of plant assets (e.g., straight-line, declining balance, Accelerated Cost Recovery System, and IRS methods).


Calculate the cash flow and determine cash sufficiency for a given period of time.


Complete check records (e.g., check register and deposit slips).


Complete the employer's quarterly federal tax return, which includes the calculations for employee and employer taxes.


Maintain a columnar cash record.


Maintain payroll register and individual earnings record.


Prepare a budget.


Reconcile and replenish petty cash fund and cash drawer.


Reconcile the bank statement with the check register.


Select and use appropriate tools when solving problems (e.g., paper and pencil, manipulatives, hand-held calculators, Web calculators, computer numerical keypads, spreadsheets, personal desktop assistants, and cell phones.