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Critique a Web site, according to accepted Web design principles.


Critique should involve an investigation to analyze the design/technical elements used in professional Web sites. Web design guidelines to be used in the critique should include items such as:

  • Does the site use appropriate page format?
  • Does the site have a consistent theme that is used on all Web pages?
  • Is there a theme that targets a specific audience?
  • Does it contain navigation links in the same place on each Web page?
  • Is there a “Home” link on each page that returns the user to the main page?
  • Are the visuals aesthetically appealing, and do they have a purpose?
  • Is the text easy to read (i.e., does not include lengthy paragraphs or text without appropriate breaks or lists)?
  • Are the colors used for the background, text, and on various elements appealing?
  • Is there an appropriate amount of white space?
  • Do all of the links work?
  • Do graphics download quickly? Are thumbnail graphics used to reduce the time needed to download large files?
  • Can you see meaningful information within 30 seconds?
  • Does the site contain contact information, including an e-mail address?
  • Does the site contain errors in the text?
  • Does the site contain blinking, scrolling, or animated images that are distracting and/or irritating to the viewer?
  • Are Flash elements used effectively?
  • Is the site compatible with all popular browsers?

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