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Plan, design, and create a database file with advanced features.


Planning a database includes examining requirements such as

  • people and systems that will use the database
  • type of data (e.g., text, numbers, dates)
  • amount of data
  • size of data elements.

Designing a database should include determining how the data will be

  • obtained
  • entered
  • manipulated
  • retrieved.

Creating a database should include

  • opening a new file in a database program
  • creating and configuring the forms, fields, and tables
  • entering data
  • saving the database file.

Advanced features of a database may include

  • type of data (e.g., text, numbers, dates)
  • size of data elements
  • manipulation of data
  • retrieval of data
  • creation and configuration of forms, fields, queries, reports, and tables
  • creation of fields that require calculation.

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The student will design and implement the input phase of a program, which will include designing screen layout, getting information into the program by way of user interaction and/or file input, and validating input.

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